Fabien Marchal
Character Information
Starring → Tygh Runyan
Season(s): 1, 2, 3
Episode Count: 30
First Episode: Welcome To Versailles
Last Episode: The Legacy
Full Name: Fabien Marchal
Title(s): - Head of Security

- Chief of Police

Biographical Information
Age: middle-aged
Originally From: France
Current Location: In Prison
Religion: Roman Catholic
Physical Description
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Brown
Spouse: -
Parents: Unnamed printer † (father)
Interests: Béatrice † (ex-lover)

Claudine † (ex-lover)
Sophie (lover)

Affiliations: Fabien and Louis
Fabien and Sophie
Fabien and Béatrice
Fabien and Claudine
Kingdom of France

Fabien Marchal was Louis XIV's Chief of Police and functions as the King's eyes and ears both within and outside the palace.

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Fabien is characterised as uncompromising and focused on his duty to protect the King. He specifies that his only desire is to keep the King safe, to the point that he is confused by the notion of 'seeking his approval' by telling Louis what he'd like to hear.

Although extremely intimidating and capable of great acts of violence, being skilled at interrogation and torture, Fabien has occasionally shown elements of humanity and empathy:

He tries to convince Madeleine de Foix to volunteer information in order to spare her torture, indicating a disinclination to harm a frail old woman; upon rescuing a newborn child from being used as a human sacrifice by Father Etienne‘s occult group, he cradles the newborn and shushes it gently; and his interactions with Claudine develop into a considerate and caring relationship, including the hardened street rat-turned-torturer putting her to bed gently.


Early Life

Fabien's father was a printer. He was orphaned at a young age during one of the many rebellions that blighted the early reign of Louis XIV. He was sent to an orphanage run by monks, but ran away due to the harshness of the regime and the abuse the children suffered at the hands of the brothers.

Fabien then lived by his wits on the streets of Paris, eventually finding himself a place at the Court of Miracles: the centre of the Parisian underworld. He came face to face with the young king during one of the many riots and disturbances that beset Paris during that period. Recognising him as an intelligent, educated and extraordinarily perceptive young man, Louis offered him a place in his police force at the Louvre, and over the years Fabien won his trust and respect. He eventually became the king's Head of Security and Chief of Police, the position he occupies when we first meet him at Versailles.

Season One

He usually reports to Bontemps, but the King often gives him orders directly. Fabien also has unprecedented access to the King's private rooms and life, given his responsibilities. Although he is not, as far as is known, a noble, he is consistently present at court functions - typically in the role of observer.

Season Two


Season Three






She was Fabien's assistant and spied for him. She was a laundress of humble birth, unable to read or write. When she is murdered by Madame de Clermont, Fabien's only comment is "I fear we will not see her again".

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